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Microsoft and Apple Rolling Out Updates! Video Production Services! Our New Website launch! All insi

Today's newsletter, in our Main Topic section, we'll be covering such exciting topics as:

  1. Windows 10 Rolls out its newest update. What's new!

  2. Apple WWDC19 just happened on June 3rd. Check out what's new with Apple as well!

Check out the sidebar (or below on mobile devices) for information on services User Friendly offers which you may not know about. Hope you enjoy the newsletter! Thanks for reading!

Windows 10 Rolls Out Its Newest Update. What's New!

You may have noticed some recent changes to your Windows 10 edition. That's because in May 2019 Microsoft rolled out a really big upgrade for Windows 10. We've got all the details for you so you don't miss anything. New Light theme and desktop background. The updated look affects more interface elements. A slicker, updated default desktop background works well with both light and dark modes. You can now also choose Light, Dark, and Custom personalization modes. The last one lets you apply the theme to apps or Windows components separately. Cortana is separated from Search. Cortana is no longer integrated with the search box, so when you click the Cortana icon, the AI assistant starts listening without the need for a click on the microphone icon. Lots of included app updates. Notepad gets new features, as does Snip & Sketch. Sticky Notes gets new dark notes, the ability to attach images, and multiple-desktop support. With the May 2019 Update, you're now free to remove a lot more included apps, such as 3D Viewer, OneNote, Skype, and Voice Recorder. New updating options. Windows can now determine your active hours automatically so that backups are performed while you're not using the PC. You can also pause updates and delay feature updates for up to a year and quality updates for a month. Troubleshooting suggestions. The updated Troubleshoot page in Settings now includes a Recommended section to get your PC running smoother. Brightness slider in Action Center. Windows 10 screen brightness options have long been inadequate—Suggested, Darker, Brighter, Brightest, and so on. Now you get a simple, clear slider to lower and raise brightness gradually. Back-up and sync user folders to OneDrive. You can now choose to have your Desktop, Documents, and Photos user folders backed up and synced to OneDrive. Kaomojis (aka Japanese Emoji's) and Symbols.Windows Key-plus-Period Key brings up a panel of these character-based emojis, like :). It also now offers a panel of symbols, which you get to when you hit the ? icon. Sandbox Mode for Pro and Enterprise. This is a virtual copy of Windows running inside your actual Windows installation. You can use it to test installation of dubious programs. The previous Window 10 update, called the October 2018 update (or version 1809), added several more high profile features than the May 2019 Update. Here are the highlights: Your Phone: Work with photos and text messages from an Android phone in this new included app on your PC. Cloud Clipboard: The clipboard finally gets reusability, with both a history list for later use and roaming to other PCs you've signed into. Look for this feature to jump to smartphones in future updates. New Search Panel: You now see tiles offering Apps, Settings, Documents, Photos, and Web options for search, and the result page offers action like opening a file or folder location. New Screenshot Tool: Screenshot capability is improving on Windows, just as it recently did on macOS in Mojave. Dark Mode for File Explorer: Windows' dark mode is less consistent than Mojave's, but adding it to this frequently used utility is a big step in the right direction. Swipe "Text Entry" for On-Screen Keyboard: Microsoft is bringing its SwiftKey acquisition to Windows. The keyboard, which is already available as an add-in for Android and iOS, uses AI to learn your typing style and vocabulary. Edge Can Stop Autoplay: A new setting in the Edge browser prevents web videos and sound from playing automatically— often annoyingly. Chrome used to offer this option, but now the search and ad giant decides for you. The "no-autoplay" option joins Chrome's recently added tab silencer. Gaming Features: The updated Game Bar is now a full-fledged app. You now get audio controls, and the ability to suppress Windows updates during gaming. The OS now supports DirectX ray tracing, supported by new Nvidia graphics cards. Ease of Access: There are several improvements like letting you enlarge all text easily in Setting. There are also tweaks to Magnifier and Narrator. More Useful Sticky Notes: The old Sticky Notes were gone forever when you closed them. These new improved ones are not only saved in a history list, but sync between multiple PCs and accessible from a web browser. Security: Windows Defender Security Center is renamed simply "Windows Security." This offers a clear report on device, virus, browser, network, ransomware, and account protections. The ransomware protection lets you allow apps to access controlled folders. Information sourced from:

The Apple WWDC19 Just Happened June 3rd. Check Out what's New with Apple as well!

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 took place June 3-7 in San Jose, California, and announced the remarkable upgrades for iOS, watchOS, and macOS. Also indroduced were the arrival of iPadOS, and the all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

iOS 13. Experience a dramatic new look with Dark Mode. Explore fun and functional updates to Photos, Maps, Messages, and more, as well as new features to help you manage your privacy and security.

iPadOS. Introducing a Home screen designed just for iPad. Along with new ways to work on multiple apps and files at once, simple gestures for editing text, and desktop-class browsing.

watchOS 6. See new faces. Follow your Activity trends over time. Discover cycle tracking. Shop for apps from your wrist. And get new insights into your health and fitness, along with some delightful surprises.

macOS Catalina. Dive into the new Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV apps for Mac. Enjoy more of the apps you use every day, now on your desktop. And extend your workspace by using an iPad as a second display.

Mac Pro. Introducing the most configurable, expandable, and powerful Mac ever. Designed and engineered to meet the diverse demands of professionals, Mac Pro is built for total flexibility and utility.

Pro Display XDR. The first 32-inch Retina 6K display is on its way. With Extreme Dynamic Range, industry-leading brightness, remarkable contrast ratio, and a wide color gamut, it’s the world’s best pro display.

User Friendly is no One Trick Pony! Introducing Video Production Services!

With several projects already completed and more underway, User Friendly Computer Services is proudly offering Video Production services. We specialize in Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials, Special Events and Travel. Bring us your idea along with your photos, videos, audio clips and music and we will create your perfect movie. Let User Friendly put your collection of digital memories into a professionally edited film for you and yours to watch and love for years to come!

But Wait, There's More! We Also Offer Video & Audio Transfer Services

User Friendly can also transfer also most VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, Betamax, DV Cam or miniDV tapes to a DVD‑R, Blu-Ray, Thumb Drive, External Hard Drive or to a digital cloud for download. We can also help to digitize your music collection to your computer for streaming, offering transfers of 8-track cassette tapes, compact cassettes, Vinyl and CD's.

Call us for more information at (949) 485-1767 or for an estimate.

Check Out Our New Website Launch! (Click Here) Want one too? User Friendly Can Make You One!

Do you have a hobby that needs to be showcased online? Or have a business that needs to reach new customers? Maybe your current website just needs a complete overhaul? No matter how big or small the job is, we've got you covered! Let us showcase your passion online with a beautiful website. If your business doesn't have a website, you're missing out on potential customers! A website can tell new or current customers about your service or product, collect reviews, make you more accessible, build relationships, increase sales, or simply share your ideas with the world. User Friendly can design, build, and market your website. We offer our services at a competitive rate. Many websites can be built in as little as 5-10 hours. Another important part of our website build process is search engine optimization (or SEO). SEO can get you on the front page of major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's important to do SEO if you want to be found on the internet. We have all sorts of tricks and ideas that can boost you up to the top! To see examples of our recent work and pricing information, please visit:

User Friendly's Electronic Device Pickup & Delivery Service is Now Available!

Maybe you work a 9-6 job Monday-Friday? Or User Friendly's service hours just don't work for you? Or maybe you're too busy to meet with us in person and hang out for your repair? If you're in need of repair or service and would like us to pickup, service, and deliver your machine back to you, you're in luck! User Friendly now offers pickup and delivery with a 1 day turn around time on most software issues and 2-3 day average on repairs if parts are needed. There is no additional charge for the pickup or delivery withing our normal work radius. We will give you an estimate on the cost of the repair by phone, text, email, or when we pick up the machine. Call or text Alex directly for info or to get started on this service at (949) 204-9923.

Are your computer files backed up? Let us get you backed up or on the cloud!

We like to say, the key to a happy life is eat well, exercise, get good rest, and back-up your computer! If you only have one copy of your computer files, your data is not safe! You need to have 2 copies of each file in case one fails. We even suggest having 3 to be extra safe. Bottom line, if you're worried about losing your files, you need to be backing up. There are a few ways to do backup. User Friendly recommends either automatic disk back-up or automatic cloud back-up. The best is to do both, but you should at least have one system in place if you don't want to risk losing files. Disk backups generally happen hourly to weekly, cloud backups generally happen hourly, keeping your files safe and secure in case of a disaster such as a hard drive crash or a ransomware attack. We can set your system to back-up automatically, giving you less stress and worries if anything goes wrong. Call us or book us via our website at

Are your computer files out of control? Let Us help get you organized!

Are your computer files a mess? Do you have duplicates? Outlook clutter issues? We've got you covered. User Friendly can work with you to organize your current files and data and can help implement a system for the future that will stay managed and clutter free! Call us for more information at (949) 485-1767 or for an estimate.

Want more Internet Security for your home or business?

Did you know you can block any infiltration that comes through your internet connection before it even has a chance to infect your device? Did you know you can spoof your location while using the internet to throw off hackers? The most secure home or business will be set up with a hardware firewall in-between the modem and a VPN router. If a hardware firewall is installed after the modem, but before the rest of the network, you can actually block malware and hackers before they can see your computer, tablet or smartphone. This is done with security settings and even having an antivirus in the firewall. Technically, when this is set up properly, you don't need an antivirus on your computer (but we recommend one just in case). With a VPN (virtual private network) router, people such as hackers can't tell where you are in the world. For example, you could be in California, but the hacker will think you're in France. It spoofs your location for privacy. It allows users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer, VPN's protect it online. We should mention there are also software VPN's, but these are not as effective as a VPN router. User Friendly can set up a secure network that far outstrips standard security. Ask us if you have any questions about this service, or if you'd like an estimate to secure your home or business! (949) 485-1767.

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