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Folding Phones! The Best Touchscreen Laptops of 2019! Apple offering FREE repairs on MacBook keyboar

The newest form of cellular device is almost here! Folding Phones!

With Google betting on a foldable future for Android, it seems all phone manufacturers are getting these types of devices ready. Even Apple is reportedly looking into this form factor (though certainly not this year), which offers the convenience of extreme portability when folded and a larger screen whenever you need it. You may be asking yourself, "what will a foldable phone do for me?" Ever run into the problem of something being too small on your phone... Maybe you're trying to share a photo with someone that is hard to see, maybe you're trying to watch Netflix on your mobile device, or maybe you just came across text that was tiny? A foldable phone provides the regular mobile phone, but it can transform into a tablet making the display twice the size. By now you've probably heard about Samsung's foldable phone. It should have released a couple of weeks ago but they had to push back the release date due to major problems with the phone. People have reported bulging of the screen at the hinge, parts of the display not showing to the whole display not showing, and even the phone flat out dying (does not power back up) within a matter of days. Samsung obviously tried to jump the gun on this and release the technology before it was ready. There are several of these phones coming to the market. Samsung is likely to be the first, but reports say other manufacturers are working on their version such as Google, Microsoft, Hauwei, Royole, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, ZTE, LG, Sharp and, yes, even Apple as well. Apple has recently patented a hinge design for the foldable phone. Likely Apple will release theirs after Google, Samsung, and Huawei iron out the many technological kinks. Here at User Friendly we love new technologies... But we highly recommend waiting until the technology has been out for a little while before buying. As a rule of thumb, we feel it's best to wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation of a new technology comes out. The major defects are usually fixed by then.

Apple finally addresses MacBook keyboard issue with FREE REPAIRS

After the death of Steve Jobs, it's apparent that Apple is no longer the #1 innovator of new technologies. Remember how exciting it used to be when Steve Jobs would do the Apple conference and show us the new technologies. Most of us were blown away! Not so much anymore... Did anyone catch the last conference? I almost fell asleep! It seems now when Apple innovates, we often end up with something that's just OK (such as the touch strip on the MacBook Pro's), or we get something that flat out fails, such as the Apple designed butterfly hinge. As you can tell from the picture above, Apple has come out with their butterfly hinge rather than the traditional scissor hinge. Woo hoo! I'm sure everyone was very excited about this innovation (just kidding). Apple swapped out this mechanism to make a thinner keyboard. Here's the problem. After some use, typically laptop keys will gather crumbs, dust, or other particles. The traditional scissor keyboard keys have little to no issue with debris. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the butterfly hinge. They get jammed up, resulting in keys that don't press properly, keys that skip keystrokes, or keys that repeat letters. Which Macs are affected? All MacBook models since 2016 are vulnerable to this issue. According to Apple, only a small percentage of Apple users have reported this issue. If you're one of them, replacing the keyboard requires the entire top assembly of the computer to be replaced. This is not a cheap repair. We highly advise you take advantage of Apples FREE offer to fix this for you.

Thinking about a new touchscreen laptop? Check out "The Best Touchscreen Laptops of 2019"

Is your computer on it's last leg? Or do you have someone in your family needing a new laptop? User Friendly Computer Services stumbled onto a great article we'd like to share with you. Popular Mechanic's just put out a list of the best laptops of 2019 and we agree with their findings. They've broken them down into 5 categories. Best 2-in-1, Best Chromebook, Most Versatile, Best Battery Life, and Best Value. Unfortunately, Apple does not make a touchscreen laptop, so there are no recommendations on this for Apple users, but every other type of user is covered in this article. Let User Friendly know if you have any questions when shopping or if you'd like us to help in any way with your new laptop. Please click HERE for the article. Enjoy!

User Friendly's Electronic Device Pickup & Delivery Service is Now Available!

Maybe you work a 9-6 job Monday-Friday? Or User Friendly's service hours just don't work for you? Or maybe you're too busy to meet with us in person and hang out for your repair? If you're in need of repair or service and would like us to pickup, service, and deliver your machine back to you, you're in luck! User Friendly now offers pickup and delivery with a 1 day turn around time on most software issues and 2-3 day average on repairs if parts are needed. There is no additional charge for the pickup or delivery and we will give you an estimate on the cost of the repair by phone, text, email, or when we pick-up the machine. Call or email Alex directly for info or to get started on this service at (949) 204-9923 or

Are you living with old WIFI and in need of an upgrade? We've got you covered!

WIFI has come a long way since it was first developed. Unfortunately, we see a lot of clients using old, outdated systems who tend to suffer because of it. Suffer no more! We now have tri-band mesh WIFI systems that eliminate dead spots, provide better connectivity for wireless devices, and can provide speeds as fast as hardwired connections. WIFI 6 is new in 2019 and will release soon if all goes to plan, providing longer battery life for chargeable devices such as laptops and smartphones (yes, WIFI can affect your battery life). It also provides better performance in crowded public areas and it battles congestion of sub-channels on your home network with a new version of MU-MIMO. User Friendly takes on WIFI issues all the time. If your WIFI is old and out-dated, or just flat out giving you issues, let us solve them for you!

Call us at (949) 485-1767 or book us via the "Schedule Now" button above.

Is it time to digitize? Let us help setup your new digital filing system!

Do you have multiple file cabinets of hard copies taking up tons of space at your office or house? Are you looking for easy access to files from multiple locations? Are you simply just looking to simplify office work? Let's face it, paper files are the old way of doing things. Wouldn't it be easier to have folders on your computer (or computers) that can be setup and accessed digitally? Even through a cloud? Let us design the perfect digital system for you! We can setup anything from a single computer system with lite security to a multiple computer cloud based system with heavy security and file encryption. No matter what you desire in a digital filing system, User Friendly Computer Services can design and deploy it for you. Time to get rid of clutter! Let us help get you organized! Call or email Alex directly for info or to get started on this service at (949) 204-9923 or

Are you ready to cut the cable line and go streaming? User Friendly can help design the perfect digital streaming package for you!

Who out there isn't upset with the pricing on cable TV now-a-days? It's very rare to find someone who feels the cable companies charge us fairly. Is it time to cut the cable? I have loved my Cox Contour 2 box now for years, pausing in one room, playing in the next... Recording up to 6 shows at once (or 12 if you requested 2 main boxes like I did), saving hundreds to thousands of shows, all playable at my demand. It's been great fun! Unfortunately, the prices just keep going up and to me don't feel worth it anymore. Also, I personally have found there are better shows to watch on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. And most of the channels I love from cable are now available to stream. Tell us your favorite channels from cable and what you currently like to stream, and User Friendly can design and setup your customized digital streaming package. On average User Friendly's clients save 40% monthly on cable costs when switching from the cable box to streaming! Are you ready to say "Goodbye" to cable? Call us at (949) 485-1767 or book us via the "Schedule Now" button above.

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