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Happy Holidays to all!


User Friendly Computer Services would like to extend a thank you to all of our wonderful clients. We wish you all the very best for the holidays and in the coming year!

Get ready for some incredibly exciting new tech topics, our favorite being... Who's ready to tell Cox Communications, AT&T or Spectrum to pack their bags and hit the road? There's a new satellite internet provider coming in 2020 that may bring the end to internet companies as we know them. Between "cutting the cable" for TV and now for internet... Do we really need Cox Communications, AT&T or Spectrum anymore?!?

Headlining Tech News Topics

  1. 21 hidden Apple iPhone/iPad iOS 13 features you'll want to try. The stuff you need to know most to not hate the new update!

  2. How to increase your laptop battery life, tips and tricks!

  3. Facebook buys a startup developing "mind reading" wristband?

  4. Say "Goodbye" to Cox Communications, AT&T or Spectrum internet service, say "Hello" to SpaceX's Starlink!

User Friendly's Specialized Topics


  1. Are you looking for that perfect tech gift? User Friendly can help you pick it out and set it up for the recipient! Or give the gift of a User Friendly NEW yearly maintenance package!

  2. Are you getting the internet speeds you're paying for? Test your speed now for free!

  3. Don't know what to do with that bundle of wires? We have several solutions for cable management to get you organized!

  4. Have you backed up all of your important files (documents, photos, videos and/or music)? If not, you're at risk of loosing everything if your hardware fails. There are several cost effective ways to backup your devices that we suggest.

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