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SpaceX's Satellite Internet Plans for
Mid-2020 Launch in the US


SpaceX is eyeing a mid-2020 launch date for the company's satellite-powered internet service, Starlink!

On Tuesday, SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell mentioned the launch date for the US market, during a media roundtable, according to SpaceNews. The company's goal is to launch six to eight additional batches of satellites over the next months so that the broadband service has sufficient coverage.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk demoed the technology, "Sending this tweet through space via Starlink satellite," he said over Twitter, which was followed by another tweet that said: "Whoa, it worked!!"


To send out the tweet, SpaceX has set up a Starlink terminal in Musk's home, according to Shotwell. Months prior in May, the company also sent up the first 60 satellites to power the Starlink network.

The company is still ironing out how much Starlink will cost to consumers. But the plan is to provide a satellite link up terminal that customers can easily place in their homes. In total, the company will also need to make 24 launches to get enough satellites in orbit so that Starlink can achieve global coverage, Shotwell added.

So far we've heard the cost of the service will be comparable to cable internet provider rates, but will provide speeds up to 10 times the current speeds of current providers. We're talking up to 10 Gbps! In layman's terms, you can download a 10 gigabyte (or 10,000 megabyte) file in one second. Amazing! 📡📡📡💫✨😁🙌

Visit Starlink's website for more information at:

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