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Have you backed up all of your important files, (documents, photos, videos and/or music)? If not, you're at risk of losing everything if your hardware fails. There are several cost effective ways to backup your devices that we suggest.


We like to say, the key to a happy life is eat well, exercise, get good rest, and back up your computer! If you only have one copy of your computer files, your data is not safe! You need to have 2 copies of each file in case one fails. We even suggest having 3 to be extra safe. Bottom line, if you're worried about losing your files, you need to be backing up.

There are a few ways to do backup. Either automatic disk backup or automatic cloud backup are what we recommend. The best is to do both, but you should at least have one system in place if you want avoid the high risk losing files.

Disk backups generally happen hourly to weekly, cloud backups generally happen hourly, keeping your files safe and secure in case of a disaster such as a hard drive crash or a ransomware attack. We can set your system to backup automatically, less stress and worries if anything goes wrong!

Call us at (949) 485-1767 to get organized today!

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