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Are your Electronics Out of Sync?

Corona Del Mar Computer Repair

Do you have a syncing issue? Apple or PC, Android or Linux, you name it we’ve got you covered. 

Many people don’t realize there are a lot of ways that sinking can really help us. Most people are syncing contacts or calendars by now, but what about syncing all your files on your computer across devices? You can have everything at your fingertips, ready to go at a moments notice. If you’re in business, this is a very helpful tool. 

Syncing can also provide a form of back up. Most syncing is done through a cloud, and if you put your data on a cloud, it’s basically making a copy or a back up. Not all clouds are equal, but most syncing practices safeguard your data from equipment failure. 

Syncing can also provide security by having your alarm system or video cameras notify you on your cell phone or tablet. 

You can control thermostats, door locks, garage doors. There’s almost no end to syncing abilities!

If one or more of your devices is out of whack, or you simply need a new set-up, let User Friendly Computer Services help you get everything in sync!

Let us help you control one or two things to everything and anything you can think of from your tablet, smart phone, or computer. 

Corona Del Mar Computer Repair

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