Fill Your Home With Ikea Robot Furniture

Ikea Rognan, controlled by a touch panel, is a single piece of furniture that rolls or unfolds into several homeowner essentials, including a pullout bed, couch, desk, and closet. It's on wheels, allowing it to smoothly glide across a room.

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If you love the idea of modular furniture, but don't want to deal with unfolding and folding it yourself, Ikea might have a solution.

The company is teaming up with robo-furniture startup Ori Living to make Rognan, a 3.5-by-3-meter product designed for small living spaces. Rognan, which owners control using a built-in touch panel, is a single piece of furniture that rolls or unfolds into several homeowner essentials, including a pullout bed, couch, desk, and closet. It's on wheels, allowing it to smoothly glide across a room.

The video below shows a silhouetted couple shifting their Rognan to accommodate myriad daily needs: They press one button, and it slides through their apartment, allowing them to use it as a bed. They press another, and it goes the opposite way, revealing a cozy couch several feet from their TV. The panel includes two directional controls and bed, couch, and closet buttons.

Rognan will debut in Hong Kong and Japan next year.

A second Ikea partnership known as Uppkopla—meaning "online"—is the start of a larger collaboration with UNYQ, a company specializing in 3D-printed prosthetics, and Area Academy, an organization creating education programs using eSports.

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The first fruits of the partnership are a line of gaming accessories intended to make the hobby more comfortable and accessible. A set of textured keyboard caps, a stabilizing wrist band (pictured above), and a cord-sorting mouse bungee will be customizable through a biometrics app utilizing UNYQ's body-scan technology.

"By working with Ikea, we can explore new ways to leverage a concept we've been working with for years, as well as the technological process to implement it," UNYQ CEO Eythor Bender said in a statement.

The first round of Uppkoppla products will also be available next year.

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