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Are your Passwords a Mess? We've Got a Great Solution for You with LastPass!

Aliso Viejo Computer Repair

The best way to manage passwords! Just remember your master password and LastPass remembers the rest. See for yourself how easy password management can be!

LastPass has 3 key functionality features:

  1. Login once and you have access to everything you need. You only need one email and password to access all your sites and accounts. Simply download the extension on your browser of choice when you set up an account. Login, then as you visit sites you’ll be prompted to remember the site, forget it or ask at another time.

  2. It will create secure passwords for you. Stumped on creating the perfect password? The program will create secure passwords for you automatically and then save them in your vault. This option is preferred if you’re on a premium plan so your information syncs across all your devices.

  3. Autofill profiles. Filling out forms with your personal information can get annoying very quickly. Within the program you can create multiple profiles. This feature is especially useful if you want to store your personal credit card information and your work credit card information and not get them mixed up. The program will prompt you with which profile you’d like to use and then you’re set. It’s really that easy.

All of this comes with the same encryption as a bank. So it's next to impossible to hack in todays world. Feel like you need even more security? Encrypt your password vault with a secondary password. If lost, LastPass premium support can't even get in.

We can help make the migration easy, or CLICK HERE to try it now for yourself. Take the step today to a secure and happy internet future!

Aliso Viejo Computer Repair

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